The annual Twilight Market is all about bringing our community together and having lots of fun! It is also Brunswick East Primary School's major fundraising event. 

Funding the Food Garden, Sustainability and Gardening Programs at BEPS

The School's Food Garden, Sustainability and Gardening programs are an important initiative for BEPS.

These programs take the teaching outside, into the garden. Each lesson feeds into the official curriculum and provides children with an engaging experience of learning in a different environment to the classroom.  

The Gardening program includes a kitchen produce component, composting and propagating and is facilitated by BEPS teacher Ange.

Funds raised at the annual Twilight Market are used to keep these important outdoor experiences accessible for all the children.

Partnership with Landcare

In 2016, BEPS students have been growing native plants for the Upper Kiewa Landcare group. Nearly 1,000 seedlings have been grown, including a selection of grasses, tea trees, wattles and eucalypts. 

Through the BEPS gardening program, students learn about the importance of Landcare in the rural community, the challenges of land management and the importance of tree planting on farms for shade for livestock, wind breaks, biodiversity and managing erosion. For many of our 'city kids', this program offers a rare opportunity to connect to a rural community through learning about and growing native plants. 

Thanks to BEPS parent Elissa Walker for her role in driving this fantastic initiative.