ANYTHING you can make will find a place on one of the stalls but here is the basic info:-

1. Please provide ingredients list
2. Kids cafe items must be nut free
3. Containers must be labelled, lid AND bottom with your child’s name and LC so it gets back to you

4. Packaging will be available from next Friday afternoon 16th November at school pickup at the office. If you want something specific eg only labels for jam jars or if you see the packaging stocks running low then please contact us at or SMS Jane on 0414494138

5. Items are to be dropped off in our new sparkly kitchen Thursday 29th Nov or BY 9AM day of the market Friday 30th Nov


Whole cakes (including gingerbread houses, Christmas cakes or Christmas pudding) packaged (ideally for un-iced or cakes with firmer icing in case you have a clever way to wrap it). Cellophane will be provided in the packaging as above
• Things to be sold off cake stands (we are trying to minimise packaging) eg. Large cakes with softer icing for us to slice, and also brownies, slices, cupcakes, other small cakes, decorated gingerbread. Just send along in a labelled container
• Other food items eg jam, marmalade, chutney, kim chi, sticky chai
• If you think your items are best sold in a bag (eg. if it’s crumbly, small items, or just the way you want to present it) then the packaging will still be available as usual. Suggestions are fudge, balls, 3-5 smaller biscuits


KIDS CAFE (nut free)

Think simple, fun and colourful “like a Friday Market stall on steroids”
• Small biscuits, cupcakes and slices
• Novelty items eg. Teddy cars, marshmallow teacups,
• Fruit skewers, sliced melon (please drop off just before market so they are fresh)
• Jelly cups, frogs in jelly, mini pudding cups (some reusable cups available for this, please ask)
• Toffee apples
• Coated and flavoured popcorn

 If you can help please email us as it helps to know roughly what to expect (but last minute donations will of course be gladly accepted!).  Also email us if you have any other ideas or questions or perhaps want to consider signing up as a regular member of the BEPS Bakers, or even one of the coordinators for future markets.

We also need one or two volunteers to make and bag up popcorn for the kids cafe on the day of the market. There is a big machine at the school to do it in bulk. Can you help?

We hope you can help and look forward to the flood of yumminess....

Jane Agius, Rachel Alembakis, Alexandra Yourn and Fiona Tame