Getting ready for the biggest BEPSter event of the year!  

Here are all the details to HELP our event be a huge community event and a successful fundraiser for BEPS
Look out for the RED HOT HELP NOTICES!

Now! Help the organisers get sorted by:

*315 of 397 spots are filled – time slots are available to help setup, during the night and also to tidy up the next day*

Dunking Tank
Your kids wants to be dunked - sign them up here
Only 4,5,6 students eligible. 

For those not in the know, the dunking tank is a Twilight Market highlight where someone sits on a chair and people pay to throw a ball at a lever which sees them fall into a tank of icy water.



SILENT AUCTION - online bidding is open NOW with online bidding closing Thur Nov 29, 5pm – you can still bid during the twilight market!

RAFFLE TICKETS - this is our key fundraising activity, so sell sell sell your booklets and return all sold and unsold tickets by Nov 29 to the office. returned books go in the draw to win a free ride pass at each Monday assembly. 

Cocktails – vodka & ginger beer – urgently needed for our refreshing signature cocktails - please hand them to the office staff directly.
Wine grab – bottles of wine – a new addition to our twilight market stalls where you can buy a brown bag bottle of wine to take home. please hand them to the office staff directly.

Your second hand books, games and toys -  we are full - no more donations accepted thanks.
              Sorting goods on Friday 2.30-3.30pm. Volunteers welcome.

Bakers - let us know what you are making, and drop your delicious dishes to the kitchen Thurs Nov 29, or by 9am on the day 
                  labels and packaging available at the office
                **ensure all your ingredients are listed on your packaging
                **all the details are here: bepstwilightmarket2018/how-to-help/bakers-notes

Kids cafe - sweets and treats needed to supply over 400 kids!!:
      • lollies
      • zooper doopers 
      • berri juice tubes 

              Baking - cupcakes and biscuits etc - you know the favourites (**ingredients list essential, no NUTS, details can be found                                     here: bepstwilightmarket2018/how-to-help/bakers-notes)

Sideshow – 'lob a choc' needs chocolate blocks drop them at the office

Craft items – drop your delightful wares into the tub at the office

Plant stall – please drop off your propagations in the hot house in the kitchen garden (or beside it if locked) 

AND don't forget the PROMOs:

Distribute posters to shops, kinder, childcare, clubs, work etc (available at front office)

Tell your friends, neighbours and family

Share on Social Media –

Let's be an environmentally sustainable event

  • Cloth napkins (25cm square) please leave them at the office
  • Mugs
  • Stainless steel cutlery

Thank you BEPsters!

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